Making the Most of the iCouponAds Website

The iCouponAds website is designed to help customers easily search for merchants who advertise in the iCouponAds video enhanced magazine. The website is a companion to the iCouponAds Magazine and allows customers to search for the products, services and discounts they want on a computer, tablet and smartphone.

Advertisers are categorized by the products and services they provide, the discounts they offer and where they are located. Website visitors can easily select searching criteria with pulldowns and checkboxes.  Here are some hints to enhance your experience.

  • The iCouponAds main search page is easily accessible by clicking “SEARCH!” on the menu at the top and bottom of every page on the site.
  • Type any part of an Advertiser’s name or a category in the Global Search box and click the ‘Find It’ button to return a list of Advertisers who meet the criteria.
  • You can search using one or more of the pulldowns to narrow your search. The four pulldowns are:
    1. Category
    2. Restaurant Type
    3. Health & Beauty Type
    4. Medical/Dental Type
  • You can search by the Discounts offered including if the Advertiser includes a coupon on the website.
  • Every location with an Advertiser is listed. Selecting a location with its checkbox limits the search to that area.
  • All searches return Personalized Search Results, a list of Advertisers with quick contact information including a Google Map.  The website automatically paginates the search results so they are easier to manage.
  • Clicking the ‘FIND IT!’ button without selecting anything will return a list of all Advertisers on the website!
  • Clicking the Advertiser’s name or logo in the Search Results will take you to the Advertisers detailed profile that includes exciting details to help you learn more about the products, services and discounts offered:
  • Advertiser contact information
  • A Google Map with the Advertiser’s location
  • the video as seen when the iCouponAds Magazine advertisement is scanned with the iCouponAds app
  • a video Testimonial
  • a Coupon, if one is being offered.  You can click the coupon and it will open in another window or tab so you can mail or print it.

Questions or comments?  We love hearing from our website visitors! Visit our contact page and let us know.