The most important technological breakthrough to occur in the field of advertising in last 50 years is the ability for the advertiser to directly link their advertising message to the consumer via a print coupon video ad on any mobile device or cell phone.

iCouponAds IS the only video coupon magazine in the country to offer  this cutting-edge technology exclusively to their advertisers…Problem solved! Done…

Watch the iCouponAds video to see exactly how this exciting new technology adds value to the catalog shopping experience.  Watch how you simply scan advertisements with your smartphone and see the ads come to life!

Every advertiser that advertises with iCouponAds has the opportunity to maximize the return on their advertising dollars like never before and and increase their sales by 20 to 30 percent.

Something other coupon magazines cannot do.. Clipper and Smart shopper are now old school…

iCouponAds is the future

And it’s here now in the palm of your hand!

And if you advertise in all 10 issues of icouponads your advertising message has the ability or potential to be seen by over a one million people!

Ads are limited to a select group of advertisers.

iCouponAds video magazine is restricted to a 32 page magazine…this enables you, the advertiser, to optimize and maximize your ROI and be part of the next BIG THING in business promotion.

No other coupon magazine has that ability!

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